The Loyola Schools Wireless Local Area Network System

This system is intended primarily for users with mobile computing devices equipped with wireless LAN cards conforming to the IEEE 802.11b standard with Wire Equivalent Privacy (WEP) enabled.

Access is free of charge but is restricted to web browsing by Ateneo de Manila University employees and Loyola Schools students in the following areas:



  • De la Costa Hall garden up to the Social Sciences Building foyer

  • College Lane up to the library steps, the library walk to Kostka Hall

  • Gonzaga ground floor cafeteria (AMPC)

  • Gonzaga second floor cafeteria (Hans Gourmet)

  • Quad 1 up to Kostka Hall ground floor corridor

  • Mateo Ricci - ground floor

  • Mateo Ricci - second floor

  • Rizal Library Main - ground floor

  • Rizal Library Main - second floor

  • Rizal Library Annex - ground floor

  • Rizal Library Annex - second floor (north)

  • Rizal Library Annex - second floor (south)

  • Rizal Library Annex - third floor (north)

  • Rizal Library Annex - third floor (south)


Please note that coverage will vary depending on actual location as well as other physical variables.

To be able to use the wireless network, please click on the appropriate links below for the procedure to follow:


Due to the experimental nature of the deployment, online registration will be available only to the internal Loyola Campus network and the level of service provided by the wireless network cannot be guaranteed.

The Campus Network Group reserves the right to monitor the system and terminate the connection of any user showing excessive or suspicious activity.

This project is being made possible with the support of:

  • LS DISCS and the .NET Team

  • LS Physics Department Workshop

  • LS ECCE Department and Senior Students

  • LS School of Humanities Dean's Office

  • Office of the VP for Loyola Schools

  • University Physical Plant Office