MUST READ: WiFi FAQs newly updated 05.15.08

Configuration/troubleshooting guides for Windows XP/Vista and Mac OSX have been uploaded to the CNG Help Desk website.

Campus Network Group Closed 06.01.06

To the Ateneo Community:

The Campus Network Group will be having a team- building activity from Friday, June 2, until Saturday, June 3. Our offices will be closed on the said dates. Office operations will resume on Monday, June 5.

For emergency matters, please contact the UPPA Loyola Heights Office.

Fraudulent Emails 05.05.06

Reminder to all users:

There seems to be a new email going around purporting to come from Metrobank and asking people to provide their online credentials in order to join a lottery. [Read More]

New Ateneo Website Launched 02.08.06

The Ateneo community witnessed the university-wide launching of the revamped and improved Ateneo website on 7 Feb 2006, a day after President's day. [Read More]

Undelivered Mail 01.25.06
Many users have, at one point, received notices of undelivered mail which they have never personally sent. This is usually what happens... [Read More]

Clamwin Free Antivirus 0.88 01.18.06
Clamwin Free Antivirus 0.88 is now available for download. Please refer to the ClamWin configuration guide.

CNG closed on Monday, 11 AM to 2 PM 12.16.05

To the Ateneo de Manila University community,

Please be advised that Campus Network Group will be closed on Monday, December 19, from 11 am to 2 pm for its Christmas get-together.

Thank you very much.

Eudora 7.0 now available 12.07.05
Eudora 7.0 mail client for Windows is now available at CNG Mirrors. To download, please click this link.

Firefox 1.5 now available 12.02.05
Firefox 1.5 for Windows, Linux, and MacOSX can now be downloaded at CNG Mirrors. Just click on the respective link: Windows, Linux, MacOSX.

Virus Alert 11.23.05

Computer users are advised to disregard, and delete outright, email with the following headers:

SUBJECT: Your IP was logged
FROM: or or

[Read More]

How to filter spam 11.17.05
Unsolicited mail or spam is something we all have to live with. While our mail servers have spam and virus filtering in place, the system can NEVER be perfect. Thus, some spam or email viruses may still get through. [Read More]

Clamwin 0.87.1 upgrade 11.10.05
Clamwin users are encouraged to upgrade to version 0.87.1. The installer can be dowloaded at the CNG Mirrors or by clicking this link. A ClamWin configuration guide can, likewise, be accessed at the Self-Help section of the CNG HelpDesk website. 2.0 now available 11.02.05 2.0 for Windows and Linux is now available for download at the CNG Mirrors website. Click this link to download the Windows installer or this link for the Linux RPM installer. [Read More]

Sync your PC to the University time server 10.26.05
Synchronize your PC to the University time server by following the simple steps outlined at the CNG HelpDesk website. [Read More]

Free spreadsheet suite now available 10.20.05
Gnumeric 1.6.0 for Windows, an open source spreadsheet program, is now available for download at CNG Mirrors. [Read More]

BayanTel leased line trips 10.14.05
A leased line to the Internet tripped last Wednesday, 12 October 2005, at around 14:18. This was due to a problem in one of BayanTel's Outside Plant Access Cabinets (OPAC). [Read More]

Some minor CNG website updates 10.07.05
Instructions for subscribing to Blueboard can now be accessed at this link. The procedure for updating a CNG-hosted website has been updated as well. Please click here.

OfficeScan antivirus now version 7.0 10.04.05
Trend Micro OfficeScan Corporate Edition, the official antivirus solution offered by the Campus Network Group (CNG), has been upgraded to version 7.0. [Read More]

Free AV scanner available for download 09.30.05
The latest ClamWin Free Antivirus program is now available for download at CNG Mirrors. A ClamWin configuration guide can, likewise, be accessed at the Self-Help section of the CNG HelpDesk website.

AV server upgraded to Windows 2003 09.23.05
Campus Network Group's Trend Micro OfficeScan antivirus server has been upgraded to Windows 2003. The operating system is the latest release from Redmond. [Read More]

PLDT line restored 09.16.05
As of 13:45, the link to PLDT has been fully restored.

PLDT link off line 09.16.05
To all Loyola campus network users:
Please be informed that one of our Internet lines is currently down due to a cut in PLDT's fiber optic cable facilities in the Sampaloc area. This is the reason for the degraded Internet connectivity. [Read More]

Notice the difference? 09.09.05
Can you actually spot the difference? The Campus Network Group (CNG) website underwent a major design overhaul in mid-August. After much collaboration with web designer Einstan Gan (BS BIO '01), the end-product is finally online. The new site has a cleaner look and feel, it is well-organized and easier to navigate. But beyond the eye candy, the website is now comprised of three distinct sections: the Main Site, HelpDesk, and Mirrors. [Read More]